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In Memorian.…   March 2012

We at the Edmund A. Gray Company are saddened to inform everyone of the passing of our long-time

employee and friend, William H. "Bill" Cubbage.

As a member of the E.A. Gray Co. family for almost thirty years, Bill was admired, respected, and well-liked by everyone here, as well as by his many industry peers and associates.  He will be greatly missed.

Bill fought hard in his battle against the disease that ultimately took him, never letting it cloud over his positive attitude and ornery disposition!  His 'no nonsense' approach to business stayed strong during his fight with cancer and even on 'bad days' continued to call in and check on things at work and even drove himself to the office occasionally (against better judgment)!

We know that everyone has a story or two (or more!) about Bill that makes you smile or even laugh when you think about it or share it with someone, so please hold on to those memories and keep him in your heart.  Thank you for your kind thoughts and please keep the Cubbage family in your prayers.


Edmund A. Gray Company announces a change in the Pacific Northwest!

As relationships evolve during the course of business, we have decided to consolidate our representation in this territory, and look forward to working with one agency as we move forward.

In the Pacific Northwest, our irrigation and waterworks products will now be represented by Tom Hagensen and his staff at NorPac Inc. along with our plumbing and industrial products that they already handle.

Please join us in welcoming them into the irrigation and waterworks communities on our behalf!

We are eager to have our customers develop relationships with them on our behalf!  Please call them with any questions regarding our products!

AB Certification received by Edmund A. Gray Company on Steel Pipe nipples.

In order to provide the greatest support of our California customers who purchase steel pipe nipples, we have had our factory and steel pipe nipple products certified to AB1953 standards.        

And……California AB1953 about to become Federal Law!

All of our pipe nipples meet the standards set forth by the federal government to qualfy for use on ARRA funded projects!  See our ARRA Notice for more info.

February 2013 marks 103 years in business for the Edmund A. Gray Company.

We look forward to more celebration as each year brings another milestone!