EDMUND A. GRAY COmpany, Inc.

Over A Century of Enduring Tradition, Outstanding Quality and Exceptional Service


Custom Fabrication

   Do you need a special length pipe nipple? Or perhaps an extended tapered thread, a special mechanical thread, or even a British Standard Thread for an end-finish? How about a specific groove, notch, or hole along the length?  We are ready and able to handle almost any special requirement you or your customer may have.  Please call us for a quote.

Bar Coding

   The Edmund A. Gray Company has patented a process in which a barcode label can be applied to individual pieces and can be easily read over and over without requiring removal (on most sizes), and without the need for a plastic bag to hold the product.  This process provides extremely high reliability of accurate scan reads in POS situations.  We even can integrate your existing database of codes into ours to make your job easier.   -   All of our boxes currently contain an "Interleaved 2 of 5" bar code on the box.

Custom Packaging & Labeling

   At E.A.Gray, we have provided numerous customers with special packaging, custom labels, and even custom artwork for their publications!  We also have a patented design on cartons for special pipe nipple assortments.  Contact us with your custom needs.


E. A. GRAY IS.......

your source for quality pipe nipples and fittings.

willing to answer your questions.

fully stocked and able to handle your needs.

located conveniently in the heart of Los Angeles.

ready to ship nationwide, usually the same day!

committed to quality in our industry.

a four-generation family owned business.

awaiting your call, email, EDI and/or fax!


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

   In order to meet the needs of our customers, we implemented an EDI program over fourteen years ago.  In order to make it easy for our customers just getting into EDI, we offer the flexibility of doing just the documents you want, at your pace.  Please contact us to discuss trading partner setup.

Current version: 4010.  VAN: Sterling.  Documents: 810, 812, 820, 850, 855, 856, 860, 997.

Technology Initiatives

The Edmund A. Gray Company embraces the use of technology to improve our relationships with our customers and (hopefully) make it easier for you to conduct business with us!

Same-Day Service

   You need it . . . we have it . . . we'll get it ready for you (within reason, depending on size and number of line items).  In addition to our fully stocked warehouse, our factory is prepared to provide quick turnaround on some orders.  Please give us an opportunity to take care of any emergency or mission critical situation which may arise.